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Resources for the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment based
Proactive and Personalised Primary Care of the Elderly


Partners and Editors

Dear GP,

​How about a free to use , one stop website packed brimful with multiple resources

            to help you design highly customisable protocols tailor made for your practice,

            be it urban or rural, large or small

designed to free you to concentrate on clinical examination and decision making,

by sensibly devolving to your practice nurse(s) and staff much of the workload

involved in delivering

            ever increasing levels of high quality,

            more proactive and personalised care of the elderly

in a way that is realistically time efficient and productive,

and truly financially viable and desirable

            starting small and gradually drawing in more of your uniquely local resources and

            moving at your own chosen pace

from simple in-house improvements to sophisticated Multi Disciplinary team work


            Here's a brief overview of the objectives and scope of the Toolkit...


Objectives and scope of the Toolkit

Busy GPs in both rural and urban settings face 2 ever present challenges

time is limited

and ultimately, time is money


Providing care for

an ever growing number of elderly patients

can be time consuming

and poorly remunerated.


            But it need not be.


A better quality,

more proactive and more personalised

primary care of the elderly

            can be provided by the GP

            without sacrificing more time or compromising financial viability.


That requires some reorganisation of services rendered to the elderly, and requires the resources to do so.




I am Dr. Angelo Grazioli


     I am the Editor in Chief and Webmaster of CGA Toolkit Plus


             I was born in Italy, raised in South Africa

             and I am now living and working as a General Practitioner

             in the Republic of Ireland.

Let me show you how the toolkit can help you to achieve an improved and viable system of care of the elderly by providing resources to help you :

- delegate significant portions of the workload

to properly trained staff


 - equip them with

suitable knowledge and protocols

   - devise a tailor-made

     modular medical records system which,


   unlike the conventional SOAP system,


   retains access at a glance of all relevant data,

   enabling fully informed  decision making

- develop your own support network or Multi Disciplinary Team

and, while doing so,

achieve greater levels of compliance and satisfaction in your elderly patients,

with consequent practice growth and viability.


Sounds too good to be true ?


Not at all

Many GPs have already successfully engaged in the process and documented their journey.

Let's take a look at the challenges,


the solutions,


and how CGA Toolkit Plus can help.

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