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Proactive and Personalised Primary Care of the Elderly

Nutrition Assessment

  • Guigoz Y, 1994

Guigoz, Y., Vellas, B., & Garry, P.J. (1994). Mini Nutritional Assessment: A practical assessment tool for grading the nutritional state of elderly patients. Facts and Research in Gerontology, 4 (Suppl.2), 15-59.


  • Kaiser MK, 2011

Kaiser, M.J., Bauer, J.M., Uter, W., Donini, L.M., Stange, I., Volkert, D.,Sieber, C.C. (2011). Prospective validation of the modified mini nutritional assessment short-forms in the community, nursing home, and rehabilitation setting. JAGS, 59(11), 2124-2128.



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