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A brief overview of the purpose and content of this Toolkit

Making it happen ...

Sample case studies illustrating the journey of implementation of a more CGA based, proactive, personalised care of the elderly in a GP practice.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
A multidimensional  holistic assessment of an older person which considers  health and wellbeing and formulates a plan to address issues which are of concern to the older person (and their family and carers when relevant) , arranges interventions according to the plan and then reviews the impact. 
frail old woman getting up from chair

Frailty is a medical syndrome with multiple causes and contributors that is characterized by diminished strength, endurance, and reduced physiologic function that increases an individual's vulnerability for developing increased dependency and/or death’.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

The term "geriatric syndrome" is used to describe the unique features of common health conditions in older people that do not fit into discrete disease categories.
Included here are : Falls, Delirium, Dementia, Urinary Incontinence, Pressure Ulcers, and Sleep Disorders.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Aimed at providing the best care and support for people with complex health and social care needs, Proactive Care is a process whereby an individual’s needs are assessed and evaluated, eligibility for service is determined, care plans are drafted and implemented, services are provided and needs are monitored and re-assessed.

personalised care planning
Personalised Care Planning is a collaborative process in which a conversation, or series of conversations, between a patient and a clinician lead them to jointly agree on goals and actions for managing the patient's health problems, in a way that is consonant with  the patient’s values and concerns.
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Find here, in alphabetical order,  all Toolkit resources including all Tools on Paper,  Tools on Computer, and  Patient Handouts on various topics. 

Find here a Toolkit Map of content, Toolkit History detailing the evolution of this Toolkit, Privacy Policy, Copyright / Disclaimer notes, and details on how to Contact Us.

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Contribute your suggestions for new tools to be added to the kit,

the latest updates and references,  or ideas for improvement.

All published suggestions will be fully acknowledged.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Primary Carers will face some sensitive issues.


Included here are :

Discussing tough issues

Considering assisted living

When to stop driving

Alcohol problems

Elder abuse

Hoarding in late life

... and more...

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Find here reviews of interest and topics for reflection, as recommended by Toolkit users.


Included here are :

Geriatrics : Ancient History

Geriatrics : Modern History

The Annual Physical in Proactive Care


...and more...

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

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Innovative GP Project of the Year

An award for outstanding work in the form of improvements or innovations

implemented by individuals in a general practice setting,

at either a clinical or practice management level,

that improves the quality of patient care or helps free up GP time

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