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Resources for the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment based
Proactive and Personalised Primary Care of the Elderly

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   Main Sections of the Toolkit  

In the Toolkit Home Page ...

... you will find the 5  main sections of the Toolkit,

each section presenting definitions, explanations and resources for :

So, for example :

the first section which is presented,

the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment section, ...

... contains a definition

as well as access to a Read More page with extra information about the CGA.

These Read More pages delve deeper into the subject in each section.


All material is fully referenced.

For example :

CGA based primary care is instrumental in reducing the incidence of hospital admissions from care homes (Molloy DW, 2000) .

References are listed separately for each Toolkit section


and each reference is linked to the original article.

For example :

  • Molloy DW, 2000

Molloy DW et al. Systematic implementation of an advance directive programme in nursing homes: a randomized control trial. Journal of the American Medical Association, 2000, 283:1437–1444 


Domains and Sub-domains  

Where appropriate, the sections are divided into domains.

For example :

In the CGA page ...

... the 8 domains of assessment in a CGA are defined and discussed

Where appropriate, the domains are further sub-divided into sub-domains.

For example :

In  the Medical Assessment page .....

... the 5 sub-domains of Medical Assessment in a CGA are defined and discussed


Appropriate Tools are presented for each section of the toolkit .

For Example :

In the Bone Health Assessment page ...

... tools for the assessment of Bone Health are presented :

Each tool is immediately available to download , print and use

Each tool comes with a brief description of the tool

- it's purpose

- time required to administer

- how user friendly it is

- its content and author

For example :

For the tool FRAX...

... a profile of the tool is provided ...

... with further information provided for some tools

to optimise the GP's understanding and effective use of the tool

and provide guidance on the scoring and interpretation of results.

For example :

Some tools are available in downloadable desktop format, mobile device format, and online versions.

For example :

Resources Index

The Resources Index pages ...

contain dozens of :

- Tools on paper

- on computer

- and for mobile devices

as well as :

- Keep it Short and Simple summaries

- Patient and Caregiver information and

- Practice Spotlights ( articles and videos of GPs who have successfully implemented various aspects of CGA based comprehensive, personalised care of the elderly

- Base Data, comprised of reference documents such a NICE guidelines and official government documents pertaining to various aspects of care

- and a collection of Excellent Reviews which illustrate and explain the more complex guidelines and subjects

Other Domains and Sub-domains

The same Toolkit structure described above is repeated for the other main sections of Toolkit.

So, the Psychological Assessment domain of the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment ...

... includes 4 sub-domains,

each compete with definitions, fully referenced extra information

and ready to use Tools and Resources :

Similarly, the Toolkit Main Section dealing with Geriatric Syndromes ...

... includes 6 domains,

each compete with definitions, fully referenced extra information

and ready to use Tools and Resources :

Thorny Issues

The Thorny Issues section of the Toolkit ...

... contains articles on :

- when to stop driving

- alcohol problems

- elder abuse

- and more ...

providing the GP with guidance and tips on how to approach these difficult topics with patients and carers


The Perspectives section of the Toolkit ...

... contains thought provoking articles providing the GP with perspectives on issues such as

- the ancient and modern history of geriatric practice

- alternatives to the annual physical examination in light of more proactive care

- and more ...

Making It Happen

The Making It Happen section of the Toolkit ...

... contains sample case studies illustrating the journey of implementation of a more CGA based, proactive, personalised care of the elderly in a GP practice.


The Discussion Forum ...

... affords an opportunity to :

- Share perspectives, insights and opinions

- Ask questions and respond to posts from colleagues

- Share useful resources with others engaged in Primary Care of elderly persons

About This Toolkit

The About This Toolkit section of the Toolkit ...

... is home to the :

- Toolkit Map of content

- Toolkit History detailing the evolution of this Toolkit

- Copyright / Disclaimer notes

- and the Contact Us page

What's new

The What's New section of the Toolkit ...

... allows returning visitors and frequent users, to see the latest additions and updates to this Toolkit.

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