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Proactive and Personalised Primary Care of the Elderly


Complete Structured Medication Review 

Purpose : Guide to 10 part complete structured medication review

Admin time :  Variable - highly operator dependent - may be completed in stages

User Friendly :  Moderate

Administered by : GP, Physician


Content : Detailed 10 part approach to comprehensive structured medication review


​Author : Grazioli A. (2024)

Copyright : Public Domain

Published in the public domain, may be used by any appropriately trained person as an assistive tool in the process of medication review, subject to inclusion of acknowledgement of author (Grazioli A. 2024) and source (CGA Toolkit Plus -


Different types of Medication Review 

meds review types 2.png

Level 0 - Ad-hoc Review

  • Unplanned, opportunistic, unstructured review

  • Patient may or may not be present

  • May or may not involve a health professional

  • Example: may be a single question about a medicine


Level 1 – Prescription Review

  • Review of medicines without the patient's full medical notes; may not include a review of the full repeat prescription

  • Patient may or may not be present

  • Usually involves a single health professional

  • Example: a medicines use review


Level 2 – Treatment Review

  • Review of medicines with the patient's full medical notes

  • Patient often not present

  • Usually involves a single health professional

  • Example: review of medicines for a particular condition such as asthma


Level 3 – Complete Clinical Medication Review

  • Full structured, medication review with the patient's full medical notes

  • Patient present

  • Can be a single health professional or multidisciplinary

  • Example: review of all medicines prescribed

The CSMR (Complete Structured Medication Review)

May be completed all at once, or in 4 separate sections.

The complete review comprises 10 parts


This Tool is used in the Medication Review

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The Medication Review is one of 5 sub-domains of the

 Medical Assessment

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The Medical Assessment is one of 8 domains of the

 Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA)

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This Tool is also used in Proactive Care 

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