Resources for the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment based
Proactive and Personalised Primary Care of the Elderly

Toolkit History : October 2014



At the 2014 Autumn Meeting of the British Geriatrics Society,  Dr.Grazioli met with representatives of the Society to discuss the possibility of co-operation in the further development and promotion of the Toolkit

The shared passion for the delivery of quality geriatric care, vision for GP empowerment in this field, and enhanced co-operation between primary and secondary care professionals, led to a preliminary plan of action for the way ahead.


Those present included :

Dr Angelo Grazioli (Creator of the original Toolkit)

Colin Nee (BGS Chief Executive Officer)

Gill Turner ( BGS Vice president - Clinical Quality)

Adam Gordon (BGS Honorary Secretary)
Maggie Keeble ( G.P.)

The preliminary plan evolved into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement between Dr Grazioli and the BGS, and  lead to the appointment of an Editorial Panel tasked with the revision and upgrade of Dr Grazioli's original Toolkit, with a view to publication under BGS branding.


The editorial panel, which worked on the project until September 2015, included :

  • Dr Gill Turner (Chair of the editorial panel),

  • Dr Angelo Grazioli  (Coordinating Editor),

  • Dr Adam Gordon,

  • Dr Maggie Keeble,

  • Dr Adrian Blundell,

  • Dr James Fisher,

  • Dr Sean Ninan,

  • Dr Colin Mitchell,

  • Dr Sanja Thompson,

  • Dr Helen Chamberlain,

  • Dr Helen Lyndon,

  • Soline Jerram


Mutual agreement of a final publication plan could not be reached, and the MOU co-operation agreement between BGS and Dr Grazioli was terminated in October 2015.

Dr Gazioli published                                       in November 2015.


None of the material produced by the BGS editorial panel for the project is reproduced in this toolkit, except for that which originated and/or was largely inspired by Dr. Grazioli's original 2014 version of the toolkit.


The British Geriatric Society declined an offer to become a CGA-Toolkit Plus partner, and made known its intention to develop and publish its own CGA resource, which it did in February 2016.

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