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Resources for the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment based
Proactive and Personalised Primary Care of the Elderly


Strength, Ambulation, Rising from a chair, Stair climbing and history of Falling

Purpose : Screening test for sarcopenia


Admin time :  5 min

User Friendly :  High

Administered by : GP or nurse 


Content : There are 5 SARC-F components: Strength, Assistance with walking, Rise from a chair, Climb stairs and Falls.

The scores range from 0 to 10, with 0 to 2 points for each component.

A score equal to or greater than 4 is predictive of sarcopenia and poor outcome


Author : Malmstrom TK, Morley JE, 2013

Copyright : Free to use with author reference






  • free to use

  • requires very little training to administer

  • very good at predicting the physical performance and muscle strength components of the EWGSOP definition

  • high sensitivity when combined with MRSA


  • ​the answers require a subjective evaluation made by the subject or the  healthcare worker administering the test

  • the selected items are not specifically related to muscle mass or muscle strength, but more to physical function and disability


Accuracy : 

sensitivity 94,0 % and specificity 40,0 % (Rossi AP, 2021)

SARC-F and MRSA 7 item together : sensitivity 100 % and specificity 63,6 % (Rossi AP, 2021)

person walking with zimmer frame

This Tool is used in the evaluation of Sarcopenia

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