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Resources for the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment based
Proactive and Personalised Primary Care of the Elderly

XpressO by MoCA

Purpose : Self-administered digital cognitive pre-screening tool to distinguish between subjective vs objective cognitive impairment.


Admin time :  7 min.

User Friendly :  High

Administered by: Self


Content :

A performance score is calculated based on three cognitive domains :

- memory recall

- executive function

- processing speed

3 tasks are repeated in 3 variations for a total of 9 tasks :

- Task 1 requires participants to place five objects into boxes in an order that they instructed to remember

- Task 2 ias a logical task that requires the participant to identify a pattern and enter objects into boxes accordingly

- Task 3 requests the participants to identify the objects from the first task and enter them into boxes in the same order

entered previously

Author :  MoCA Cognition, Montreal, Canada)

Copyright : © MoCA Test Inc.

Terms of use :

Access to the test is from the XpressO by MoCA MoCA website

The site provides access to the test online, as well as the App Store and Google Play app.


Registration is required before use of both online and app. tests

The registration process is free, quick and simple.

MoCA online


The MoCA online is created by MoCA's author and copyright holder Dr. Ziad S. Nasreddine

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XpressO by MoCA - online

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XpressO by MoCA



  • free

  • self-administration

  • availability on various digital devices

  • nonverbal nature of all XpressO tasks, providing simpler use regardless of the patient's first language or level of education

  • relatively quick, taking about 7 minutes to complete.


Disadvantages :

  • although XpressO by MoCA identifies impaired cognition, it does not specify the level of cognitive impairment (e.g., mild, or severe)

  • Additionally, it requires technology access, which may be limited for socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals or those who require technological assistance.

  • Also, being self-administered, XpressO by MoCA does not permit caregiver assistance.

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