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Exercise for Senior Drivers


Senior drivers who exercise will improve the types of driving-related movements that many people find challenging, and thus enjoy a  longer, safer and more positive driving experience overall.

Senior driver exercises focus on four areas – flexibility, range of motion, strength and coordination.


  • Strength Exercises: Strength is important for many driving tasks such as pressing down on a brake pedal. Exercises like biceps curls and squats can help enhance a driver’s strength.

  • Range of Motion Exercises: Range of motion is central to actions like putting on your seatbelt easily. Performing exercises like back stretches and heel drops can improve your range of motion.

  • Flexibility Exercises: Flexibility is necessary for movements like getting in and out of your car easily. To enhance your flexibility, consider exercises like chest and shoulder expansions and shoulder stretches.

  • Coordination Exercises: Coordination can help with the integration of movement in your upper and lower body, such as simultaneously braking and turning. Soccer kicks and lateral steps are good exercises for boosting your coordination.

Flexibility Fitness Training for the Older Driver

AAA recommended series of stretches to improve neck, shoulder, trunk, back and overall body flexibility.

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Strength, Flexibility, Range of Motion and Coordination exercises from

The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence, USA


Flexibility Exercises for Mature Drivers

Exercises shown in this video include "Chest & Shoulder Expansion" and "Shoulder Stretch." Chest and shoulder expansion exercises increase the flexibility of your chest and shoulders in the front of the body. The shoulder stretch increases the flexibility in the back and shoulders, from The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence, USA

Flexibility Video

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