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Neuro-Psychiatric Inventory

Purpose :  To assess psychopathology in the person with dementia and to help distinguish between the different causes of dementia.

Admin time :  10-20 min

User Friendly :  High

Administered by :  Clinicians to informant caregivers.

Most Appropriate :  Acute, Primary, Community and Residential Care.
NPI has a nursing home version enabling care staff to act as the informant, rather than obtaining the information from the informal carer of a community dwelling person with cognitive impairment.


Content : Includes symptoms known to be rare in Alzheimer’s disease, but are characteristic of fronto-temporal dementias. It also assesses the level of caregiver distress engendered by each of the neuropsychiatric disorders.


Author : (Cummings JL, 1994)

Copyright and Use of the NPI :

The NPI, NPI-NH and NPI-Q, and all translations and derivations are under copyright protection with all rights reserved to Jeffrey L. Cummings.They are made available at no charge for all noncommercial research and clinical purposes. Use of the instrument for commercial purposes (clinical trials, screening for commercial projects, application by for-profit health care providers, etc) is subject to charge and use of the instrument must be negotiated with Dr. Cummings. (E-mail or It is requested that a copy of all published papers and abstracts using the NPI or NPI-NH be provided to Dr. Cummings at the address shown above.This allows construction of a comprehensive bibliography of studies and investigators using these instruments.


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NPI - instruction manual

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